Homophobia in Science

May 17 was observed as the International Day Against  Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. Indian academic spaces for a long time have been homophobic and transphobic. Many research fellows, students and even scientists pass homophobic and transphobic comments at the workplace, discriminate against queer and trans people who are fellow students or colleagues and rarely face … Continue reading “Homophobia in Science”

Vaccine Booster Dose Gap

Vaccines mimic an actual infection by a microbial pathogen like a bacteria or virus, cause our bodies to react to it and produce combative antibodies and thus provide protection from naturally occurring infectious agents. The protection provided by a vaccine makes the individual “immunized”. A vaccine can imitate a pathogen contain an alive or dead … Continue reading “Vaccine Booster Dose Gap”

COVID Crisis frontline: Crematorium and Cemetery workers

Officially, more than 4000 people are dying everyday of Covid19 infection and the unavailability of basic healthcare facilities in India. The people who are involved in cremation or burial of the dead or  those conducting the last rites in accordance with religious or cultural traditions  have been instructed to wear appropriate personal protective equipment. The … Continue reading “COVID Crisis frontline: Crematorium and Cemetery workers”

The seeds of scientific temper in Indian Constitution

For the first time in its 175-year-old history of publication, Scientific American, one of USA’s leading popular science magazines  openly endorsed a candidate during the campaign for the US presidential election The magazine explained in a statement that the rejection of  evidence based science by Donald Trump, the current president of U.S while preparing policies … Continue reading “The seeds of scientific temper in Indian Constitution”

On National Scientific Temper Day

Seven years ago on this day,Narendra Dabholkar, the eminent Maharashtra-based doctor,rationalist and  social activist who worked relentlessly to eradicate superstitious beliefs and inculcate scientific temper, was shot dead. He had founded an organisation called the Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti (MANS) that campaigned against superstitious practices, black magic, astrology,“miracle cures” and similar exploitative practices promoted by … Continue reading “On National Scientific Temper Day”

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers cannot boost immunity

During the course of the COVID19 pandemic, alcohol-based hand sanitizers have become a popular personal care product. The CDC considers hand sanitizers can be used to clean hands when soap and water are unavailable. Most of these alcohol-based hand sanitizers contain isopropyl alcohol or ethyl alcohol. Alcohol damages the structure of cell membranes of bacteria … Continue reading “Alcohol-based hand sanitizers cannot boost immunity”

Donating blood plasma for therapy

The act of giving blood has saved numerous lives. Patients undergoing surgery or victims of trauma/assaults/accidents who have lost large amounts of blood need transfusion of fresh blood from healthy people to survive. When a person loses a lot of blood quickly, the body goes into a shock and eventually organs stop functioning. Also, patients … Continue reading “Donating blood plasma for therapy”


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